Pleasant View Rest Home Barn Receives Community Support

Pleasant View Rest Home

Sandy Hurd of the Pleasant View Rest Home in Pulaski County told the commissioners this week that she, like many others, is in need of part-time help. Hurd said that her current part-time employee recently applied for Social Security benefits and is now only allowed to work a few hours per week, so she needs to replace her hours with someone else.

Commissioner Kenneth Boswell told Hurd that isn’t a problem, because as long as she maintains the same number of part-time hours, she can split them up between employees as he chooses. Hurd has already chosen her employee, so the new part-time employee will be starting her new job next week.

Hurd also mentioned that the barn on the property has been receiving support from the community and she has received many complaints from people who would hate to see the barn torn down because of its historic value. Pieces of the roof and the door on the barn have come off and fallen onto the ground, causing some mowing problems, but Hurd feels that shouldn’t warrant destroying the barn.

The commissioners said that they would have to take a look at the barn to determine whether or not it would be worth having the Friends of Pleasant View fix up.