Starke County Economic Development Foundation to Host Awards Night

The Starke County Economic Development Foundation will play host to its “Prospectus and Achievements Night” on Thursday, November 10th at 5:30 p.m. CT at the Knox Community Center.

Several awards will be given that night, and over the next few days, Charles Weaver, the Executive Director of the Development Foundation, will announce the recipients.

Four industries will be getting expansion awards.

“The first type of award is for those companies that are expanding in Starke County,” explained Weaver. “In economic development, most of the growth in jobs and opportunities comes from those companies that are already there, that you’ve cultivated to keep in place and assisted in their expansion.”

“Those four companies are J.W. Hicks, Sabre Manufacturing, Reagent Chemical and Research and American Oak Preserving Company.”

Tomorrow, Mr. Weaver will be naming the 50 year and above companies that will receive an award.