Turkey Tracks Event Scheduled for April 2012

Eric Corey

With deer hunting season going on, we are thinking ahead to the Fourth Annual Turkey Tracks event that is scheduled for April 2012.

This event, organized by the Doug Corey family, is for disabled hunters and has grown three fold over the past three years.

Eric Corey talked what the event is all about.

“People with disabilities, handicaps and different diseases can get out in the outdoors and hunt for a weekend,” said Corey. “They can get their minds off hospitals and doctor’s appointments and let them have a good time.”

With more applications coming in this year, it’s time to get organized. Eric tells us how you can get involved.

“Contact my Mom at our house or we have applications on this website. Our email and everything is on there so you can contact us.”

Eric tells us what happens the weekend of the wild turkey hunt.

“We’ll start on a Friday at Noon and welcome our hunters and then we’ll go out. As they come in, we’ll have targets set up and we’ll practice and see where they’re shooting and make sure everything is good with their guns. Friday evening we’ll have a hog roast, some entertainment and a silent auction. Hunters will meet their guides and we’ll go from there. Early Saturday morning, we’ll go hunting.”

There’s always a need for volunteers.

“We need all of the help we can get. There’s so much that goes on. We need all of the good property we can get.  If it wasn’t for all of our sponsors and volunteers — Wooden Nickel caters on Saturday evening and Murray Jain with Subway has donated meals.  Our Adopt-a-Hunters give us an idea of how many people we can have for the hunt.”

We’ll have more tomorrow and we will talk with LaDonna Brock who is up from Kentucky hunting deer this week. LaDonna is a Turkey Tracks hunter having severed her spine 17 years ago. Even though she’s wheelchair bound, LaDonna doesn’t let that stop her.