West Central School Board Considers Eliminating Middle School Principal Position

The West Central School Board is considering eliminating the position of Middle School Principal. Superintendent Charles Mellon says that the action is being considered due to several reasons, mostly due to the Corporation’s financial outlook.

“We’d rather stay away from instructional programs and instructional staff as much as possible,” said Superintendent Mellon. We went through a Middle School concept back the 1999-2000 school year with the addition of the Middle School building so we actually have grades 6-12 under one roof so to speak, but the Middle School is kind of divided off to the east side of the building. Currently, our Middle School Principal is on a medical leave so we’re using this year to experiment with that possibility and Don Street, our High School Principal, is actually a 6-12 principal this year.”

With the possible elimination of the Principal’s position, Superintendent Mellon said other issues will need to be considered.

“If we go with one principal, what else are we going to need? Maybe we’d need another Administrative Assistant to handle curriculum and data collection, or whatever we determine is going to be the best scenario as far as our administrative structure. Within our support staff, we probably have some duplications. There are secretaries in the Middle School and secretaries in the High School who have the same functions so those duties could be dispersed differently as well.”

The Corporation has been operating without a Middle School Principal due to the current Principal’s medical leave and Superintendent Charles Mellon was asked if the situation has been going well so far.

“Yeah, I believe so,” he responded. “Change is always a little difficult. It like this year when we lose 40 students and we’ve been on the decline so you have to make some adjustments because the revenue is not coming in.”

The Middle School Principal’s position will be discussed in Executive Session on Tuesday, November 22nd, prior to the School Board’s regular session.