Be Cautious When Buying Pets as Christmas Gifts

Considering a pet for Christmas? Suzanne Crider from the Starke County Humane Society says it may be a good idea in some instances.

“It depends on what the family is prepared for,” said Crider. “We are always looking for homes for pets, but we do encourage you not to surprise someone in your family with one that they’re not expecting. It’s often a better idea to take them pet shopping and let them pick out the pet that they’re hopefully going to spend the next 10 or 12 years with.”

Crider has another suggestion for parents.

“We encourage parents to not wait until Christmas morning if you are getting a new family pet. Get them in the home before Christmas. It makes life much easier for Mom and much less hectic for everybody and it gives the animal time to settle in.”

Here’s a gift idea from Suzanne for that pet lover on your list.

“A great gift for animal lovers is always money put down at their vet. If you know of somebody who may be having a hard time and keeping up with vet care that their animal needs, ask what vet they go to and the vets will let you put money on their account. When that animal needs something, the owner can take them in and use that credit and that is a wonderful, wonderful gift to do for people.”