Christmas Display in Pulaski Continues to Impress Spectators

This is just one of the many displays that light up Pulaski each Christmas season

The small town of Pulaski in Pulaski County continues in its tradition with displaying spectacular Christmas light displays.

It all started in 1989 with one tree and three nativity scenes. It’s now up to 200 different lighting displays. Barb Crist tells us how they get up so many lights in a short amount of time.

“People all around help,” she said. “When we first started, we’d have 100 people here putting up displays and we did it in one afternoon. It’s almost a three day deal now.”

To get to Pulaski, take Highway 119 off U.S. 35 in Winamac.

Barb warns that you won’t believe the spectacular sight once you get to town.

“There will be two angels at the east end of the bridge and then we have lights coming across the bridge, you turn left, or south, and go through the circle of light – about four blocks.”

There are a lot of cars on the weekend, so you might want to go down during the week. Barb says there isn’t a traffic cop on duty, but you need to follow directions.

“We try to keep it one-way traffic because there are places where you can’t get two cars to pass. It’s free. We don’t charge but we do have a donation box. We pay around $1,500 a year for the light bill.”

The lights are on from 6:00-10:00 p.m. ET each night. The lights have been on since Thanksgiving and hundreds of cars have already been through the area.