City of Knox Sells Scrap Metal

Knox City Council (L to R) Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg, Ron Parker, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Mayor Rick Chambers, Attorney David Matsey, Ed Blue and Greg Matt

The city of Knox brought in over $500 by selling scrap metal that had been laying around. Mayor Rick Chambers explained that sheets of corrugated metal had been purchased when the city was installing new sidewalks downtown because the engineers were under the impression that there were tunnels beneath the sidewalks, but after the sidewalks were dug up, they quickly realized that was not the case.

“So it has laid out back and has started to rust and weeds had grown over it and it was just not being used and so we are just looking to scrap that metal and get salvage price out of it,” said Chambers.

The city council voted to sell the scrap metal at a price of $160 per ton, and with a pile of three and a half tons, the sale will bring in $560 to the city.