Henry F. Schricker Award Winner Announced

Henry Schricker

The Henry F. Schricker Award is being announced today by Starke County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Debbie Mix.

“The winner is Dorene Matzat from North Judson,” said Mix. “We’re so excited and she’s so deserving. She has just done so much and so quietly. I’m just so happy that her efforts have been recognized and she’s been doing them for a lifetime.”

Dorene Matzat was born in North Judson, is an identical twin, and has been a lifelong resident of the town. In December of 1996, she received the “Just Say Thanks” award from Thrivent for her work with taking veterans back and forth to Hines VA Hospital in Chicago. She continues her service work today. She feeds the hungry and when she becomes aware of the need, she clothes the needy, visits the shut-ins and the lonely, and always brings comfort to all in a time of despair. In her 80’s she continues to mow the grass at her church. She is one of only a handful of people alive today in North Judson who actually knew Henry Schricker before he was governor.

Henry Schricker was the first two term governor in the state, and lived by the motto “service before self.”

The annual dinner and recognition of Dorene will be January 19th, at the Bass Lake Property Owners Community Building. Please call the Chamber at 574-772-5548 to make reservations.

Mrs. Matzat becomes the fifth North Judson resident to receive the prestigious Henry F. Schricker Award. Ron Merriam, Levelle Hanson, Mike Haugh, and Judge Marvin McLaughlin were also award winners.