Interim Starke County Treasurer Selected

Kasey Clark is sworn in by Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski

Kasey Clark was sworn in last night as the Interim Starke County Treasurer. Clark, who has been running the office since Linda Belork was removed in August, was selected by the Starke County Precinct Committeemen in a caucus last night at the Knox Community Center. Clark won the caucus over Connie Miller of North Judson.

Before the vote each of the women gave a speech listing their reasons for running for the office. Clark repeated part of her address following the vote.

“I’ve worked in the office and got our books back on track. Our cash book, our computer software, our Excel worksheets, everything is back on track where it needs to be,” said Clark. “And then I also discussed my education and my background as far as that goes.”

She also told the precinct committeemen that she held a Master Degree in Accounting, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Clark realized going into the caucus that this is an interim position because Linda Belork is fighting to regain the right to return to the office through a court case.

Clark was asked if she would run for the position if she was still in the office, or not.

“Absolutely. I plan on staying around and doing the best that I can and running for next year and hopefully winning and continuing forward,” said Clark.