Law Enforcement to Conduct DUI Patrols this Weekend

Indiana State Police and officers from local police departments will be out in full force this weekend to seek impaired drivers. Make sure you find a safe, sober driver to take you to your destination after your New Year’s Eve party.

Pulaski County Sheriff, Michael Gayer, said officers from his Department will be stepping up patrols this weekend.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen a trend in the last few months where the amount of DUI arrests, or impaired driving arrests, has increased in Pulaski County,” said Gayer. “I’m not sure what the cause of that is. We’ve been arresting at least two or three a weekend for impaired driving, mostly due to alcohol related offenses. Certainly we’re going to try to do our best this coming weekend, and everyday, to stop the impaired driver and keep him off the roadway so he doesn’t cause any harm to himself or to an innocent person that he may be approaching coming down the road.”