Nathan Hummel Arrested in CVS Armed Robbery; Jonathan Hummel Remains at Large

Nathan Hummel
Jonathan Hummel

One suspect remains at large in the Knox CVS armed robbery incident. The other suspect, Nathan Hummel, of Culver, was arrested at the Raymond Hummel residence on Union Road in Marshall County after the incident occurred.

On Tuesday night, Nathan Hummel and Jonathan Hummel, who were disguised with netting and hoods over their faces, allegedly walked into the CVS store and one suspect walked back to the pharmacy and demanded, at knife-point, that the pharmacist hand over prescription medications. The pharmacist ran to the back of the store and the suspect reportedly jumped over the counter and started to remove several prescription bottles pull of narcotics from the pharmacy. The other suspect reportedly led a store employee to the back of the store by knife-point while the robbery occurred. The suspects then left the store and the employees called 911.

It was then a Knox City Police officer began a pursuit with the suspect’s vehicle. When the vehicle finally stopped, the suspects backed into the police vehicle attempting to disable it. They fled the area and the officer continued to pursue the vehicle until the squad car malfunctioned. Another city police officer continued the pursuit. The vehicle continued into Marshall County and the suspects stopped at 12404 Upas road, bailed out of the car and ran into the woods. A K9 searched for the suspects but they weren’t found. Several bottles that were taken from CVS were found near the vehicle. The investigation led officers to the Hummel residence on Union Road and police learned that Nathan Hummel was in a closet at the residence. Police found him and ordered him to the ground but when he exited the closet, he took an officer to the ground and attempted to take his gun. Hummel was then tased and taken into custody. Bond for Hummel was set at $500,000. in Starke Circuit on Thursday afternoon.

Several pieces of evidence from the robbery were found in the vehicle the Hummels were in. Further investigation suggests that Nathan and Jonathan Hummel may have been involved in the CVS robbery in Walkerton. Nathan Hummel has been charged with Armed Robbery, Criminal Mischief, Resisting Law Enforcement, Dealing a Controlled Substance and Disarming an Officer. He is currently in police custody at IU Health Starke Hospital. Jonathan Hummel, of Plymouth, is still at-large.