Pulaski County to Invest $200K in Plymouth Tube Expansion

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede
“Pulaski County is open for business.”

That’s the message the county commissioners would like to send by agreeing to a $200,000 investment in Plymouth Tube’s expansion into Pulaski County. The commissioners agreed this week to invest up to that amount from their SEEDIT fund to support the expansion, assuming the project comes to Pulaski County.

The town of Winamac will possibly be investing $400,000 in the project as well. Currently, the Winamac substation is unable to keep up with demand and requires an expansion to function at full capacity.

In addition to creating extra jobs, the average wage for these positions is expected to rise to $16.45 per hour by 2014. According to Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer, approving the tax abatement would show businesses that Pulaski County is “open for business,” and Commissioner Kenneth Boswell agreed.