Senator Charbonneau Discusses Right-to-Work

State Senator Ed Charbonneau

Fifth District Republican Senator Ed Charbonneau was recently questioned about the possible upheaval at the state legislature over Governor Mitch Daniels’ announcement to push right-to-work legislation. Governor Daniels, House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate Speaker David Long, have called getting right-to-work legislation passed their “top priority.”

Charbonneau concurred.

But even though his leadership is pushing the measure hard, Charbonneau is unsure that he can support it.

“To do something like that, to take that kind of an action, I think that it’s necessary that we be given some pretty compelling evidence to make that change,” said Senator Charbonneau. “To this point, we’ve been given a lot of studies, a lot of numbers, that seem to be all over the map. For every pro right-to-work study, there’s an anti-right-to-work study, but there’s no compelling evidence to make the shift. I’m still waiting to decide what goes on. In this point in time, I’ve not been convinced it’s a necessary move for us to be making as a state.”

Senator Charbonneau will talk more about other issues that he sees attention being given to in the upcoming session of the legislature in future newscasts.