Starke County Commissioners Continue to Block Linda Belork’s Return to Office

Linda Belork
Jasper County Circuit Court Judge John D. Potter has set Dec. 22 as the hearing date on a motion to dismiss a temporary restraining order preventing Linda Belork from gaining back the treasurer’s position in Starke County. Belork has been out of office since being removed by the commissioners on Aug. 13. Acting as plaintiffs in the case are the Starke County Commissioners.

Potter set the date yesterday in Jasper County Court. The suit has been venued to Jasper County from Starke County after Judge Kim Hall recused himself from hearing the case.

Although bookkeeping errors in the treasurer’s office were eventually identified, the commissioners have continued to block her resumption of duties. Last week an interim treasurer, Kasey Clark, was selected by the Democrat County Precinct Committee. On Monday, the commissioners affirmed that Clark would receive full treasurer’s pay as long as she is in charge of the office.

If Belork is eventually successful in the Jasper County suit, Clark will be required to step down.