Starke County Commissioners Hears Zoning Issue

Starke County Commissioners: Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

Betty Dotlich, of rural Grovertown, appeared before the Starke County Commissioners again this week seeking information and assistance in halting the use of a structure she claims is improperly zoned. Dotlich has sought help several time in having a home owned by Julia Povalitis properly zoned, saying she doesn’t believe it meets minimum residential standards. Dotlich said it appears that it is still being used for housing.

A letter read by Commissioner Kathy Norem provided an update on the situation. Butch Ritchie, the President of the Starke County Planning Commission, pointed out in the letter that the BZA had revoked the type one manufactured housing permit originally issued to Povalitis at their meeting this month. The letter said it should have been issued as a Class 5-B home, and that Povalitis would need to reapply for a permit using this code listing. On December 13th, a “stop-order” was delivered by Terry Stevenson, the part-time Building Inspector.

Several other steps must be taken before Planning Commission Attorney Steve Dodge will be given the task of suing Povalitis, but it is hoped that she will reapply for a Class 5-B permit before the January commission meeting. At that time, a ruling can be made as to the acceptability of being used for residential housing.