Starke County Linda Belork Seeking Reinstatement

Linda Belork
Attorneys for the Starke County Commissioners and Linda Belork will be in Jasper Circuit Court this morning. Also named in the suit is Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, Belork’s bonding company. Starke County is the Plaintiff in the case, and Belork and Ohio Casualty Insurance are the defendants.

The case stems from the removal of Belork as the treasurer of Starke County in August. She was dismissed by the commissioners when a State Board of Accounts audit turned up discrepancies of several thousand dollars in the office. Since that time, all the money has been accounted for and the defendant is seeking to have the court reinstate her back into the office. Today’s appearance by the lawyers is set for 10:30 a.m. before Judge John D. Potter. This is only a status conference with no testimony being heard.

Last week the Starke County Democrat Party named Kasey Clark as the Interim Treasurer of the county following Belork’s removal from office.