Starke United Auction Raises Over $10,000

Starke United
$10,436! That’s the total from the Starke United Radio Auction that took place Friday, Dec. 2, broadcast from the CenturyLink warehouse. Starke United Executive Director Julie Dessauer says she was very pleased with the amount raised.

“We came out approximately $3,000 ahead of last year. Our total came out to about $10,400, which is great,” said Dessauer. “I definitely wanted to make sure that we did some special thank yous for WKVI, first off, Century Link, and Osinski’s Auction Service. Those were our three major components in pulling the auction off, and then of course there was all of the business participants that donated everything.”

And how about those Bears tickets? They brought in almost $600.00 for four tickets. Dessauer was happy with that, partly because she’s a Bears fan.

“They absolutely did, that was wonderful. I know that there was some fighting over them and everybody was really happy to get them,” said Dessauer.

The $50,000 campaign goal is almost in sight, according to Dessauer.

“A typical campaign would close out the end of December. Ours has typically ran a little longer than that,” Dessauer said. “I’m hoping to close out by the end of January, and we are still a little bit shy of the goal so we want to make sure that we do a little boost there and we still have appointments for businesses that want to do an employee campaign.”

Congratulations to Starke United, and a big thank you for the people who have supported the campaign.