Storm Water Project Begins in Knox

The storm water project has started in the City of Knox. The total cost of the project is just over $1 million. The city is contributing $166,005 toward the project from the City’s EDIT fund, while the rest of the cost comes in the form of a Community Development Block Grant from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

“The storm water project has already started and it will cause a little disruption with traffic,” said Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston. “It will be all over with by spring and hopefully the project will be well worth it.”

The project was designed by Territorial Engineering and construction is being done by H and G Underground Utilities of La Porte. It consists of over 4,700 linear feet of storm line installations along with manholes, inlets and related construction.

The current storm water system dates to the 1930’s. Many of the lines have become clogged or broken. This has resulted in flooding problems in several parts of the city.

Storm water construction affected areas on the west side are:
Portland Street – from Pacific Avenue to Bender Street, just south of the railroad tracks
Bender Street – from Portland Street to Sycamore Street
Sycamore Street – from Bender Street to John Street
John Street – from Sycamore Street to the corner of Roosevelt Road

Storm water construction affected ares on the east side are:
East John Street – from McGill Street to the Cannon Ditch
East John Street – from Prettyman Street to East Street
East Street – from New York Street to St. Louis Street
New York Street – from Prettyman Street to East Street

You are encouraged to use alternate routes while these streets are under construction.