Unemployment Rates Remain Steady

Indiana Workforce Development

Indiana’s labor force increased by 13,600 in November, holding the state’s unemployment rate steady at 9.0%. Over the past four months, the state’s workforce has grown by almost 50,000. While Indiana saw a 0.4% increase in its labor force during the month, the U.S. labor force decreased by 0.2% percent in November, contributing to the decline in the nation’s unemployment rate from 9.0% to 8.6%.

Starke County’s rate nudged up 0.2% to 10.5% in November. That places the county as the 10th highest unemployment ranking county in the state.

Pulaski County’s rate went down 0.2% placing it at #83.  Marshall County had no change, and stayed at 9.5%, ranking at #31.  LaPorte is 9.9% (#21), Fulton is 9.0% (#40), St. Joseph is 9.6% (#29), Porter is 7.5% (#71).

Fayette had the highest unemployment rate in the state at 11.9%. Dubois was the lowest with 5.9%.