Winamac High School Student Presents Eagle Scout Project to Winamac Town Board

Clark Gudas presented his Eagle Scout project proposal to the Winamac Town Board last week.

He gave the Board information on design, location, cost, and fundraising ideas for a skate park in Reinhart Park, or Lion’s Park, which is across the street from the Pulaski County YMCA. He presented pictures and a detailed project outline with different types of equipment that would be constructed in the park. Different versions of the park was presented to the Board. Gudas, who is a Winamac High School student, said the project would cost in the neighborhood of $50,000 and is planning to apply for grants and hold fundraisers to finance the project. He and a five member Advocacy Board will be working together to make his project a reality.

He will present the Board with more information at a future meeting. The Board approved his project with no guarantee of funding from the Town. Gudas is hoping to complete the project in 2014.