Advanced Life Service Upgrade Nearing Completion

Starke County EMS Director Paul Mathewson said the upgrade to Advanced Life Service, or ALS, is moving along. Crews have spent the last month getting equipment together.

“Our new truck came in so now we’re putting all of that together,” said Mathewson. “Really, we’re in the finalizing stages of finishing up this project so we can get the State down and clear it.”

No date has been set yet on when that will happen as they are at the mercy of the State as to when they can do an inspection.

Mathewson was asked what the paramedics can do with Advanced Life Service that they weren’t able to do with Basic Life Service.

“From the advanced side of things for emergency medicine or emergency care, it can be done. It’s everything from treatment of chest pain, treatment of seizures, abdominal pain – you name it. In case there’s a big trauma, we have the capabilities to really take care of stabilizing a patient enough to get them to the most appropriate hospital.”

The staff is ready for the upgrade.

“Advanced life care means little if the basic care isn’t there. We have a great, great staff who can really provide fantastic basic life care and they’re ready to make that next step. What that includes is that you’re taking the basic part and adding on another element. We’re upgrading the care.”