Bass Lake Property Owners Association Building Remodeled

Bass Lake Property Owners Association building

The Bass Lake Property Owners Association Building has been fully remodeled and you are invited to an Open House so you can see the improvements.

The Open House will be Sunday, January 22nd, from Noon to 4:00 p.m. and there will be different vendors there to offer food and to assist you with event planning. A variety of room rental packages will be presented. The building can be rented for weddings, graduation parties, and banquets.

Chris Nowaczyk tells us about the upgrades.

The "Green Room" in front of the building

“We redid the front of the building, upgraded the heating and air conditioning, put insulation on the walls and plasterboard,” explained Nowaczyk. “We dropped the ceiling and put about 12 inches of insulation there and went upstairs and blew insulation so the building was energy efficient. Our heating bills were very high. We have incandescent lighting if you don’t want the harsh glare of the lights. It’s good for parties, weddings, anything that you want to have. We are able to help you with your wishes.”

Call 806-4599 for more information.

For a down-home taste, the history of Bass Lake is displayed in the hallway
The "Blue Room" in the back of the building
The "Fireplace Room"