Bill Introduced Yesterday Could Help Starke County Build a New Jail

Starke County Jail

Republican State Representative Tom Dermody, of LaPorte, introduced a new bill in the House Ways and Means Committee yesterday to help raise funds for a new jail in Starke County.

House Bill 1213 would allow the Starke County Council to increase the County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) to finance, construct and equip a jail facility. The county council is only permitted to raise enough funds to cover the costs of the jail and the additional tax rate cannot increase more than .65%.

The members of the Ways and Means must vote on the legislation before it can be considered by the full House.

The plans for the jail proposal include the main facility, related buildings and a parking area. House Bill 1213 also allows Starke County officials to issue bonds to keep the financial burden from falling entirely on taxpayers.

Representative Dermody said that if the measure is passed, Starke County will have access to a jail that meets 21st century demands, and citizens will benefit more from law enforcement.