Democrats Want Right to Work on a Referendum

Indiana Statehouse

Facing long odds, House Democrats are trying to slow down approval of Governor Mitch Daniels’ right to work legislation, House Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer is asking that the measure go to a referendum.

Representative Nancy Dembowski agrees with Bauer.

“The problem is that people just don’t understand what the right to work bill does,” stated Dembowski. “We’re trying to get it off the fast track and trying to hold it back a little bit so that people can begin to understand it. Ideally, the best way to handle this situation would be to put it on a referendum. I doubt very seriously if we’ll be able to get that done.”

Last week, Bauer pointed out that a Ball State Poll showed 27% for passage, 24% against, and 48% undecided or lacking enough information to offer an opinion.

Dembowski took a swipe at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce that supports passage by saying, “I wonder if they would continue supporting individual chambers around the state if they didn’t pay their dues?”

The measure is supported by Governor Mitch Daniels who said in his State of the State message last week that Indiana can’t go on missing out on middle class jobs our state needs because of this issue. He said, “Businesses are passing over Indiana in favor of right to work states.”

If passed, Indiana would be the 23rd state with right to work legislation. Oklahoma was the last state to pass such legislation in 2001.