Eastern Pulaski School Board Considering Two Semester School Year

The Eastern Pulaski Schools, which has for a number of years has been on a tri-semester system, is considering going to a traditional two semester school year.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman talks about how the current system works.

“We cut a semester off in November and then in February and then in June. That’s our three semesters,” stated Klitzman.

Klitzman said the tri-semester system gives the students some flexibility. For instance, a student can take part of a course the first semester and the final portion of the course the third semester, but that is causing some problems.

“Our very important End of Course Assessments at the high school really are not following the tri-semester schedule very well. For example, we may have a student take an Algebra class first semester and third semester, which means they don’t finish the programming until the end of May. They take the End of Course Assessment in March and that’s not fair to the kids.”

Dr. Klitzman said a decision will be made at the February meeting as to whether to remain with the tri-semester system, or change to the two semester system next year. He said the change should not be a problem for the students if they are informed of the change early enough.