Eastern Pulaski School Board Reorganizes

The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation met in regular session during the day Monday. This was one of two school board meetings held each year during the day so the school board members can tour a school. The meeting Monday was held in the Middle-High School Building.

During the meeting, the board reorganized for 2012. Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman announces the new officers.

“Mike Tetzloff was elected as the School Board President,” said Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman. “Chris Schramm was elected as our School Board Vice President and Joyce Heater is our Secretary. Tim Murray, one of our local attorneys in Pulaski County, was appointed as School Board Attorney.”

The board also accepted three gifts from the community. The class of 2006 held a fund raiser this past summer and collected $700 for the high school art department. The Dan Tankersly and Don Galbreath families donated $21,000 for a new Grand Piano for the high school Music Department, and the children of the late Linda Braun, through her foundation, donated $22,000 for new technology equipment for the elementary school.

Dr. Klitzman talked about the significance of the gifts.

“We had three donations and I think among the benefits of having that financial help is the vote of confidence and the spirit that it comes with. Our school is doing a great job and they want us to take the next step forward in doing better. The Board accepted that with high praise for the individuals that did that for us.”