Henry F. Schricker Public Library Expansion Project Underway

Henry F. Schricker Library

The Henry F. Schricker library expansion project is underway and moving along right on schedule. Library Director Sheila Urwiler said that the next step they’ll be taking is to get the plans and drawings to an estimator.

“We’re getting our final estimates and they’re drawing up the construction documents to go out for bidding, and the bidding should start in February sometime, we’re not sure exactly when yet, but that’s the goal right now,” said Urwiler.

Urwiler has already gotten the approval of the council and commissioners for the project, and the library bonds have been sold to fund the project at a total of $1.785 million. The cost covers the expansion and remodeling of the library, as well as the repairs to the parking lot. All the bonds were sold, raising enough money to fund the project.

Urwiler explained that she hopes the groundbreaking ceremony will take place in April, with the addition of a wing for the children’s department. The construction will take place with minimal disruption of regular operations.

In addition to the expansion project, the library is up to its ears with programs and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

“We’re starting up a free volunteer income tax assistance program for folks who have low incomes,” said Urwiler. “We’re training the volunteers now and we’ll start doing the tax preparation in the beginning of March. And then we’re also working with Jerry Gurrado at the SCILL Center on a literacy program to help people with remedial math and reading skills.”