Judge Rules in Linda Belork Case

Linda Belork

Jasper County Circuit Court Judge John Potter ruled yesterday in favor of the Starke County Commissioners in a suit involving former Starke County Treasurer Linda Belork.

The case involved Belork’s removal from office on August 13th after a state audit turned up financial discrepancies. Belork’s attorney, Ethan Lowe, had argued that the Commissioners did not have the right to remove Belork from office. He argued that only the state’s Attorney General had the right to do so.

Potter handed down a decision saying the county officials did have the right to remove her, deciding the Attorney General was not the only official that had that right.

The parties will be back in court January 11th arguing the merits of a temporary restraining order left in place. Lowe will be arguing that the restraining order keeping her from resuming her duties as treasurer should be lifted.

The office is currently being run by Interim Treasurer Kasey Clark.