Knox City Council Discusses 2012 Mayoral Appointments

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

The Knox City Council discussed the 2012 Mayoral Appointments at their recent meeting. There is currently no water superintendent for the city because the previous superintendent was released from duty earlier this week. A seat on the Starke County Alcoholic Beverage Board is also open, and Mayor Rick Chambers told the council that he will possibly be seeking an Ordinance Officer in the summer. That position was previously handled by the police, but according to Chambers, that hasn’t worked out as well as he’d hoped.

Chambers will be taking the responsibilities of K-IRPC, Garden Court, Starke County Economic Development Foundation, and the Starke County Visitor’s Association.

Councilwoman Linda Berndt will be on the Economic Development Foundation as well as the council’s appointment, and newly-elected Councilman Donald Kring will be taking a seat on the Starke county Environmental Management Board. Dan Roska had previously held that position, but he will remain on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Jeff Berg was elected Council President and several department heads were retained in their positions for another year. They include Jeff Borg as Street Department Superintendent, Kelly Clemons as Wastewater Superintendent, Clint Norem as Knox City Police Chief, Greg Matt as Planning Commission Administrator, Kenny Pfost as Knox-Center Township Fire Chief, George Byers as Park Superintendent and Tom Bazant as Animal Control Officer.