Knox Woman Arrested after Battery Incident

Jennifer Czarnecki

A Knox woman faces seven charges after a battery incident on Saturday.

Starke County police were called to a residence in North Judson where it was reported a female had been battered. When the Starke County officer arrived on scene, he observed a woman in handcuffs attempting to leave the back of the police car. She had reportedly told her mother that she had been battered, but no evidence of the battery was indicated.

The Starke County officer asked the first officer on scene to tell him what happened and stated that Jennifer Czarnecki had left her mother’s residence in North Judson. When she returned three hours later, she was intoxicated and started yelling at her boyfriend. The pair started yelling at each other about her intoxicated state. Czarnecki then sat on the floor with one of her children. The officer entered the residence and asked Czarnecki to talk to him and she cursed at him. She also reportedly “threw” a child at the officer. She also threatened the life of her boyfriend. Czarnecki reportedly continued cursing at the officer and resisting his request to go outside. As the officer was attempting to place her into custody, she allegedly was throwing her arms at him and she kicked him in the chest.

The officer placed her in the back seat of the police car so he could talk to her boyfriend. She reportedly got out of the back seat of the car three times. She was transported to IU Health Starke Hospital for evaluation due to her state of intoxication. While there, she yelled and kicked at the hospital staff. She also reportedly spit on the floor, the nurses and two officers. She was medically cleared and taken to the Starke County Jail.

She has preliminary charges of Battery on a Police Officer, Battery by Bodily Fluid, Domestic Battery, Battery, Intimidation, Resisting Law Enforcement and Disorderly Conduct. She has bonded out of the Starke County Jail.