Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce Seeks H.J. Halleck Award Nominations

Nominations for the H.J. Halleck Award are being solicited in Pulaski County. The H.J. Halleck Community Service Award is given each year to a person who donates time, energy, and hard work to making their community better. You can go online or call the chamber office at (574) 270-0016 to make your nomination.

Last year’s winner of the award was Judge Michael Shurn. Steve and Lin Morrison won for their work as a pair one year.

H.J. Halleck was a doctor, who appropriately went by the nickname “Doc.” He was born January 14, 1903, and in his time as a physician in Pulaski County delivered over 3000 babies. His last delivery was in 1977 when he delivered a baby girl to Ruth and Joe Reynolds. He was a World War II veteran having served as Division Surgeon for the 80th Division. He was also the Pulaski County Republican Chairman for many years.