Pulaski County Police Arrest Rochester Man for Battery

Officers from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department arrested a Rochester man after he allegedly battered his wife on Sunday.

The victim told police that she and Derek Keller were drinking and they were on their way home when an argument ensued. Keller reportedly struck the victim with a closed fist in the forehead. She grabbed the keys out of the ignition and the vehicle stopped in the roadway. She ran to a home nearby and the homeowner drove her home and she called police.

Keller arrived a short time later and allegedly struck her repeatedly. She was able to lock herself in a bathroom and waited for police to arrive.

Keller told police that she allegedly “head-butted” him but police indicated that the injury was consistent with a downward strike and could not have been made by the victim.

The Pulaski County Prosecutor’s office has filed charges against Keller that include Domestic Battery, Criminal Confinement and Strangulation.