Some Republicans are Voting Against Right to Work

State Representative Tom Dermody

Even though Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has made right to work his number one priority item for this session of the Indiana General Assembly, some Republicans are voting against the measure. One was Senator Ed Charbonneau, of Valparaiso, who voted against the bill Monday.

Republican Representative Tom Dermody, of LaPorte, has said he will vote against the measure. 

“I’ve opposed that in the past and I don’t believe government should be telling business what to do,” said Dermody. “If they want to engage into a private contract with their employees, they should be able to do that. I spent the summer listening to members of the Chamber of Commerce and the LaPorte Chamber of Commerce doesn’t support this. The Economic Development group does not support it. You have to listen to the people that you represent and come down and vote.”

Even though Dermody is against this bill, he still thinks what the Democrats have done with their “walk-outs and stall tactics” is wrong.

“It’s been very frustrating because this to me is not about any type of legislation. This is about the process and doing what the people elected us to do. I’ve been in the minority, I don’t support right to work and the people in the District overall have come back and said they don’t support it. You heard last year and the people are saying again this year that they expect us to come down and do the job that we’re elected to do.”