Testimony to be Heard Today Concerning Restraining Order Against Linda Belork

On August 11th of last year, Starke County Treasurer Linda Belork was served a restraining order removing her from conducting her duties as treasurer of the county. The restraining order was issued after the three county commissioners voted to remove her from office following the announcement to the public that there were irregularities in some 2009 accounts.

Since that time, the funds at question have been accounted for, and Mrs. Belork is seeking to be returned to office.

Today in Jasper County Circuit Court Judge John Potter’s courtroom in Rensselaer, testimony will be heard as to whether that restraining order should be lifted. This is the second time the parties have met in Potter’s court. In December, the Judge heard arguments as to the legality of Mrs. Belork being removed from office by the commissioners. Belork’s attorney had argued that only the Attorney General had the right to order such a removal. In his opinion, the Judge rejected that argument saying the commissioners were legally able to remove the office holder under the circumstances.

The court will hear the arguments on lifting the restraining order beginning at 1:00 p.m. CT today.