Two Arrested after Confronted with Intimidation Incident

Donald Benton, Jr.
Donald Benton, Sr.

A father and son were arrested Saturday night after the son was confronted about an intimidation incident.

Starke County police were called after Donald Benton, Jr. allegedly threaten to kill a North Judson man. Benton, Jr. went to a North Judson residence and asked the victim to call another individual to meet Benton, Jr. somewhere so he could kill him, according to the police report. The victim said he wasn’t going to do that and Benton, Jr. became upset and started screaming at him. Benton, Jr. allegedly held the gun up to his face and threatened him to not tell anyone about what just happened. The victim then told his mother who then called police.

Officers arrived at Benton’s North Judson address and questioned Donald Benton, Jr. He was asked if he was at the victim’s home and he said that he was but he didn’t do anything wrong. The officer then explained the situation and told Benton Jr. that he was under arrest. When the officer tried handcuffing Benton, Jr., his father, Donald Benton, Sr., who was at the residence when officers were questioning his son, became irate and yelled profanities at the police. Benton Jr. told his father to take the stuff out of his pockets and the officers warned him to stay away from his son. After officers told Benton, Sr. he was under arrest, he yelled and ran from the officers. He ran into the woods by his residence, but police found him and placed him into custody.

Donald Benton, Jr. has preliminary charges of Intimidation and Pointing a Firearm and has a $1,500 cash bond. Donald Benton, Sr., has a preliminary charge of Resisting Law Enforcement and has a $600 cash bond.