West Central School Board Discusses Budget

The West Central School Board discussed the school’s dwindling budget at their meeting last week. Superintendent Charles Mellon said there are reasons as to why the school is losing money.

“There are two reasons for that,” said Mr. Mellon. “Of course, our enrollment has gone down and then there are different things that they are taking out that were items in the formula in the past like the small school grant, restoration grant and these type of things. I just wanted to convey to the Board that we did get our first draw. We look at being about $310,000 short of what we had last year. We add that on to $323,000 that we were short last year.”

Superintendent Mellon said that the school is trying to stay afloat.

“We received stimulus money. We’ve been able to ‘save’ some of that money that we can now use to try and maintain our programs and our staff and put some funds into the Rainy Day Fund. We may have to draw upon that. It’s just kind of a waiting game. Can we outlast the turn around in the economy? We hope that we can and we have some funds set aside in order to make an attempt at that.”