West Central School Corporation Moves Forward with Technology Upgrades

The West Central School Corporation is moving forward with technology upgrades. Infrastructure for wireless technology is almost complete and Superintendent Charles Mellon says this enables the Corporation to become prepared for some important projects.

“If we go with one-to-one computing down the road, the wireless is there, plus the wind turbine will be on wireless. That means that the people in Chicago will be able to control the wind from the city. If a component goes bad, there’s a red flag that comes up and they can give us some directions on how to fix it or how to reset it on site. So, this opens the door for a lot of things,” said Superintendent Mellon.

He said that Board has purchased some equipment to help prepare for a move to the one-to-one computer initiative.

“We’ve forward with a lot of the equipment as far as classroom type equipment. We’re probably 80 percent complete as far as the connections in the building. We have purchased two mobile carts that are wireless that each contain 32 computers where they can be moved from one classroom to the other. This will give teachers some experience, as well as the students, in using that type of equipment before we actually go full bore into having all of the high school have it – or the middle school or elementary – wherever we choose to start.”