Winamac Man Arrested for Alleged Battery Incident

31-year-old Wesley Hurley, of Winamac, was arrested Saturday after an alleged battery incident.

A deputy from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department was notified of the incident and was enroute to the residence when he saw a man waving his arms in the air to gain his attention. The officer walked up to the residence where he could hear a man yelling at a woman. The woman then opened the front door and the officer could see that she had been crying and her clothes were torn and she was injured.

The officer entered the residence and asked the suspect, Wesley Hurley, to exit a back room he had run into. He exited the room and was asked to get down on his knees and he did not comply. The officer asked him again and Hurley reportedly lowered his hands toward his beltline, grabbed his shirt and began to pull it up and he advanced toward the officer. The officer tased him and Hurley fell to the ground. He tried to stand and the officer told him to get to the ground or he would be tased again. He didn’t comply and he was tased again. He was then taken into custody. Police took him to the jail where Hurley registered a .337 BAC. Due to his extreme intoxication, he was taken to the hospital and when he was medically cleared, he was booked into the jail.

The investigation revealed that his Hurley’s wife had picked up their son and a friend and when they arrived at the residence, Hurley reportedly became belligerent due to being intoxicated. He had allegedly pulled her by her hair to direct her to a room and threw her up against the wall and struck her. The friend attempted to call 911, but was threatened by Hurley. He ran to the neighbor’s house to call police.

The Pulaski County Prosecutor’s office has filed charges of Criminal Confinement, Domestic Battery and Interference with the Reporting of a Crime against Hurley.