Culver Schools Hopeful for Future of Digital Textbooks

The days of students lugging backpacks stuffed full of books and folders may soon be at an end, thanks to the recent movement from traditional hardback textbooks to electronic books. Culver Community Schools Superintendent Brad Schuldt recently told WKVI that Apple has recently begun providing textbooks for the iPad, and as of last week, two textbooks that the high school currently uses have been ported to the iPad.

Schuldt said that they are very interested in gradually moving into the digital age with most, if not all, of their textbooks on the iPad, but it remains to be seen how fast book providers will release their books digitally.

Apple has set a limit on the maximum cost of an eBook at $14.99– significantly cheaper than the average cost of a textbook which can cost up to $120. The school has not yet decided on whether or not to have their students cover that cost.

A number of digital textbooks are already used by the school. When they purchased textbooks for this year, the companies bundled the textbooks with a digital copy as well, giving kids the chance to get adjusted to using a digital book rather than a hard copy.

This movement is likely to change the landscape of education dramatically in the near future, but as for now, the ball is in Apple’s court to get as many textbooks as possible available for the iPad.