Eastern Pulaski Schools, Town of Winamac Constructing a Safe Route to School

The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation and the Town of Winamac are working together to construct a safe route to school. Eastern Pulaski School Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman explains where the route would be located.

“It’s the dovetail off the pathway trail that used to be the railroad tracks that they made into very nice bicycle, running and walking path,” said Dr. Klitzman. “What they want to do is take roadways from that pathway that lead to school and do everything they can to make it safe and useable. It’s a wellness thing. That’s so students can walk, or run, or ride their bike safely to school.”

The School Board and the Winamac Town Board are putting the finishing touches on a grant proposal for the safe route to school.

“We’ve had a grant to study it and there were quite a few things they came up with. The next phase we’ll actually try to win a grant which will pay for additional sidewalks, lighting, markings, and perhaps radios so we can communicate if there are any issues out there. The key is to provide a safe route to school that parents will feel good about sending their kids on.”