Governor Daniels Signs Right to Work Bill

House Speaker Brian Bosma signs right to work bill

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed the right to work bill into law yesterday afternoon at 1:45 p.m. ET.

The bill was passed after 40 hours of testimony, debate and discussion over House Bill 1001. The law prohibits a business and a union from agreeing to charge fees to nonunion employees for union-provided representation and grievance services. Governor Daniels said the bill will bring jobs and opportunity for the young citizens of the state and for all of those looking for a better life.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 28-22 with nine Republicans voting no.

“What we have gone through the last four weeks in this Chamber, in this Statehouse, has been extremely draining to all of us,” said Democrat State Senator Jim Arnold, of LaPorte. “But, it has been nothing, nothing compared to what it’s been to the working men and women that are sitting in this gallery and standing outside the Statehouse. Imagine what it’s been like for them when we talk about wages, when we talk about benefits, about their families, and about everything that they have put their blood and soul into – that we’re thinking about removing on one swift action today.”

Americans for Tax Reform applauded Governor Mitch Daniels and the state’s Republican legislature for making Indiana the 23rd Right to Work state in the country.

House Speaker Brian Bosma said the state is already getting looks from employers in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and other states due to the passage of this bill.

South Bend’s Teamsters local 364 member Kevin Mace says the Union will just have to adjust to the new law and try to elect more allies in November:

“Well we’re gonna have to work a little harder…keeping our members informed, keeping them signed up, making sure they’re registered to vote and showing them in November that we’re here, we’re strong and that we’ll continue to fight the fight for everyone,” said Mace.

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