Kent Danford Files for Starke County Commissioner Seat

Kent Danford is seeking another term as a Starke County Commissioner. Danford, a Republican, is a former commissioner, who lost in a race to Dan Bridegroom in 2008.

Danford was asked why he decided to run for another term.

“There were several things. The main thing was I felt like I still had more things that I had to give back to the people. I’m a taxpayer and I felt like there were some things that could be done yet,” said Danford.

He explains what specifically he would focus on if re-elected to another term.

“Right now, we’ve got bridges closed all over the place and I don’t know why. When I was there, we put in our own bridges. I’ve looked at a few of these that are out and I don’t see why they can’t be replaced with culverts. Not all of them, but there are a couple of them that we could put culverts in and I don’t understand why not.”

Danford said he would, as he did in his term on the board, look first to the taxpayer’s pocketbooks before making any spending decisions.

“It’s my money as well as everyone else’s money and I always thought we could do more economical things. We could put our own culverts in instead of hiring it out. That’s just one of the things. When I was in there, I had the trustees out of the jail picking up garbage and limbs and everything else along the roads and I felt like that was a good deal.”

Danford is the only Republican candidate running for the Commissioner’s seat.