Knox City Police Arrest Two after Alleged Battery Incident

Knox City police arrested two men after an alleged battery incident.

Police were called to 266 W. Locust Drive in Knox in reference to a battery. The victim told police that he and Brandon Davidson have some history and don’t get along. He said that Davidson had been driving by his house and calling him names and intimidating him.

On Saturday, February 25th, Davidson reportedly drove into a driveway and the victim approached the car. According to the victim, the pair started arguing. Davidson was the passenger in the car and he hit the victim in the face and put him in a headlock. Davidson told the driver, Kenneth Barnett, to drive away. He still had the victim in a headlock hanging halfway out the door. The victim stated that he was drug 50 to 60 feet before Davidson released him and the pair left the area.

The reporting officer noted in the report that the victim did have injuries to his hip and was bleeding due to road rash.

Police caught up with Davidson who denied any wrongdoing. He told police that the victim had hit him. Barnett reportedly said that he knew they had a scuffle outside the car but didn’t know the victim was being drug down the street after he drove from the scene.

Davidson, 25, of Knox, and Barnett, 21, of Walkerton, admitted to drinking prior to the incident, but refused taking a Portable Breathalizer Test. They were both arrested on preliminary charges of Battery and Criminal Recklessness.