Knox Kindergarten Student Makes Valentine Cards for Walgreens

Sarah Gillard and Emma Gillard. Emma proudly displays one of her Valentine's Day cards

Five-year-old Emma Gillard, of Knox, went with her father Monday night to pick out a Valentine’s card for her mother and noticed that the selection was getting low. Her mother Sarah picks up the story.

“When we tucked her in, we thought she was asleep and when we checked on her an hour later, she was working at her desk,” explained Sarah Gillard.  She had made 11 ‘Mommy’ Valentine’s Day cards.  She wanted me to send them to Walgreens. I emailed Corporate Walgreens and today we got a phone call from Knox Walgreens that they want to buy Emma’s cards and they want to display them in their store as well as the higher-up corporate stores. They also want to send a few of them overseas to the mommies that are serving in our military.”

It’s a simple message, but Ted Hayes told Emma that it was a great message to send all of the mommies. She tells us what one of her cards reads.

“It says, ‘I love you, Mommy. Happy Valentine’s Day.’

Emma is a Knox Kindergarten student and Mrs. Hazelton is her teacher.