Mark Allen Not Challenging Kathy Norem for Commissioner Seat

Kathy Norem completes her candidacy paperwork

One of the more exciting local races in the 2008 Starke County General Election involved commissioner candidates Kathy Norem and Mark Allen. Both were attempting to fill a vacant seat on the board and 9,223 votes were cast in that specific race. At the end of the night, Norem, a Republican, edged Democrat Allen by 73 votes.

There was much speculation that this year could set up a rematch as Kathy Norem is up for re-election. Mark Allen notified Kathy Norem in person on Tuesday that he was not going to file for a re-match. Allen said that his work schedule and family life made it impossible to devote the time necessary to “do the job right.”

Allen is part of a powerful Democrat family. His father Clifford was a county commissioner in both Starke and Marshall counties. His uncle Warren proceeded him as Oregon Township Trustee.

Mark Allen, 40, said he is still considering another run for a political office in the future, but that the time was just not right in 2012. He is currently the Oregon Township Trustee.