New Vending Machines En Route to Pulaski County

The convenience of easily-purchased snacks and drinks is coming to more Pulaski County buildings, thanks to a pending contract with Canteen Vending. The courthouse, justice center, and county building will be outfitted with new glass-front Coke, Pepsi, and snack machines, and vending machines that already exist in other departments will be replaced by Canteen as well.

Deputy Auditor Carrie Wilson says that this agreement will bring a bit of money to the county through commission from the machines, and Canteen will provide maintenance for the machines weekly– a much better agreement than the county currently has, as the machines are rarely serviced which often proves problematic.

The three-year-agreement gives the county 5 percent of sales, and County Attorney Kevin Tankerslee is reviewing the agreement before any final agreement is made. A letter of intent was signed this week by the commissioners to go ahead with the agreement, pending approval by Tankerslee.