No Budget Cuts for the Town of North Judson

Front Row: Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry, Board members Tim Cummins, Wendy Hoppe and Jane Ellen Felchuk, and Attorney Cassandra Hine. Back Row: Town Marshal Doug Vessely, Fire Chief Joe Leszek and Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann. Photo by North Judson Photographer Peggy Bohac

North Judson Town Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said she received notification that the Town’s budget has been approved and no cuts were ordered.

The Town Board this week discussed the terms of members on the Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission and the Unsafe Hearing Authority. The members discussed staggering the terms so members with knowledge can help new ones entering into a term. Currently, all terms are up at once and when new members are elected to a board, there is a learning curve and the Town Board feels that if the terms were staggered, some experienced members could help the inductees and have smoother transition.

No decisions were made during the meeting and the information was taken under advisement.