North Judson Town Board Discusses Increasing Number of Board Members

Front Row: Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry, Board members Tim Cummins, Wendy Hoppe and Jane Ellen Felchuk, and Attorney Cassandra Hine. Back Row: Town Marshal Doug Vessely, Fire Chief Joe Leszek and Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann. Photo by Town Photographer Peggy Bohac

The North Judson Town Board discussed increasing the number of members on the Board to five.

Town Board member, Tim Cummins, recently met with a representative from the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns and he has agreed to meet with the Board to explore the option. A public meeting will be held to discuss the procedure which includes meeting with the Starke County Election Board to include a referendum in an election year to give the voters a chance to determine the future of the Board.

The Board members feel that the community would be better served with five representatives rather than three.