Pulaski County Police Find Wanted Man Underneath House

Randall Grigsby

A Francesville man was captured after police found him hiding underneath his house.

On Tuesday, February 21st, Pulaski County officers were notified of the whereabouts of Randall Grigsby who was known to have a warrant out for his arrest. The anonymous caller reportedly said he was out of control and that he was on something.

Officers went to Grisby’s house and one resident said she thought Grigsby had left the residence just moments ago. Officers searched the residence and didn’t find him. Officers searched a vehicle on the premises and found drug paraphernalia between the driver’s door and the seat. The item was seized and put into evidence. However, Grigsby was not hiding in the vehicle.

Police continued to search the grounds and found Grigsby hiding in a crawl space under the residence. Officers and family members attempted to coax him out from under the home, but he would not leave the space. He later came out and police indicated that he was on some type of drug. After he was medically cleared from the hospital, he was taken into custody on two active arrest warrants and he was charged with a preliminary charge of Invasion of Privacy.

Police notified Child Protection Services and the Pulaski County Health Department due to deplorable living conditions in the home where two small children reside.

The case has been forwarded to the Pulaski County Prosecutor for further review.