Recycling Center Receives $20,000 for Repairs

The use of $20,000 for fuel, oil, and repairs was approved for the Recycling Transfer Station by the Pulaski County Commissioners this week. Ed Clark of the recycling center approached the commissioners requesting to use that amount from a grant they had received, because of the $28,000 the center had requested from the county council, they had only received $8,000—a steep cut.

Clark said that one emergency repair had already been performed at the center when a belt wore out on one of their bailers, making the process five times more difficult.

“By the purchase of that $2500 belt, now we make five bails in one day rather than one bail. It was a good thing to do and we’re really pretty excited about it and now we can continue the recycling process the way it should be operated,” said Clark.

Commissioner Kenneth Boswell said that he feels this is a great use of that grant money: keeping up with repairs on equipment. A motion was made and unanimously approved to allow the transfer station to use the grant money received for fuel, oil, gas, and repairs for the transfer station.